The Master in International Sales Management (M.Sc.) is an excellent career accelerator in the greatest variety of industries. Your focus will be mastering the selling function, managing a sales force, designing and managing channels of distribution, mastering selling and sales challenges in the face of globalisation.

Your aim is to enter the digital economy, the service economy or the world of entrepreneurs? ESCP Europe's programme offers the perfect balance between general management content and sales specific knowledge. After their studies, our graduates occupy managerial positions in multinational and technology companies. They work for distributors, service providers, manufactures, digital businesses, export and import businesses, small and medium enterprises, and start-ups.

ESCP Europe’s Master in International Sales Management is a fully acknowledged and accredited Master of Science Programme. All courses are taught in English and the programme takes place in Berlin and Paris.

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Maximilian , 22.02.2019 - Sales 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management (M.Sc.)
Magnus , 20.02.2019 - Sales 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management (M.Sc.)
Pauline , 18.02.2019 - Sales 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management (M.Sc.)
Alexandre-Paul , 18.02.2019 - Sales 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management (M.Sc.)


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Master of Science
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Term 1 (Sept-Dec) Berlin

  • Core course module 1: Understanding markets & customers
    • Methods for gaining insights & data analytics
    • Customer behaviour & organisational buying
  • Core course module 2: Sales techniques
    • Personal selling & negotiations
    • Pricing
    • Digital marketing
  • Skills Module: Language & Career Development

Term 2 (Jan-April) Berlin

  • Core course module 3: Sales force management
    • Leadership in international sales
    • Digitising the sales process
  • Core course module 4: International management
    • Cross-cultural management
    • International management decisions
  • Electives Module 1: (two electives must be chosen) e.g.
    • Economics for manager
    • Corporate finance
    • Financial accounting & reporting
    • Management Control
  • Skills Module: Language & Career Development

Term 3 (May- July) Paris

  • Core course module 5: Channels & distributions
    • Retailing 4.0
    • Supply chain management
  • Core course module 6: International marketing & trade
    • International marketing decisions
    • International law of distribution
  • Skills Module: Language & Career Development

Term 4 (Sept.-Jan) Berlin

  • Core course module 7: Research methods, complex systems & organisational change
    • Research methods
    • Managing complexity
    • Management of change & organisational behaviour
  • Electives Module 2: (two electives must be chosen) e.g.
    • Strategy
    • Business IT
    • Business ethics
    • Entrpreneurship
    • Service management
  • Company consultancy project

Term 5 (Feb. -April)

  • Master thesis for M.Sc.

Term 6 (May -July)

  • Internship (worldwide)
  • A Bachelor degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS
  • A university background preferably in economics, social or natural science, or engineering
  • Fluency in English: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS scores or English test on campus
  • Work experience not required (if given, maximum of 2 years)
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Berlin, Paris
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  • Lecture based learning on state-of-the art knowledge in behavioural foundations, selling & sales techniques, international business, sales force management, and channel & distribution management
  • Project-based practicing of contemporary consulting procedures in the field of selling & sales
  • Elective courses in the field of strategy and in functional management specialisations
  • Preparatory courses for planning and conducting a research thesis
  • Compulsory courses for up to two foreign languages (different levels) and personal career development

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Thanks to ESCP Europe's 'multi-campus-model', the Master in International Sales Management (M.Sc.) gives you the opportunity to study in two of Europe’s most popular cities – Berlin and Paris.

The German capital has always been very popular, especially among the younger generation. Entrepreneurs consider Berlin to be Europe’s fastest developing start-up scene. Over the years, Berlin has become more and more international. Visitors and locals enjoy a large variety of restaurants, cafés and markets, as well as museums, theaters and concert halls.

Paris is extraordinary in every way. You can follow the footsteps of major authors, painters and other great personalities. Theater plays, concerts and other cultural events are usually offered at a reasonable student price. The ESCP Europe Paris Campus is located in the heart of the city, in the 11th arrondissement. It offers its students extensive campus facilities and over fifty active student clubs and associations.

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This Master is the right choice if you have...

  • A Bachelor degree of a state-approved higher education institution in any discipline with a minimum of 180 ECTS
  • Fluency in English (TOEFL written 600; TOEFL IBT: 100; TOEFL computer-based: 250; IELTS: 7). Candidates without documentary proof can pass a language test during the interview session.
  • Pre-experience (no job experience required; if given, maximum two years)

Bachelor graduates from programmes in business, engineering, social sciences
and others, with career ambitions in:

  • Commercial selling & sales
  • Industrial & technical selling & sales
  • Selling & sales for digital business
  • Selling & sales for start-up companies and new market entrants
  • working for international business consultancies

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1. Online Application
To apply for the Master in International Sales Management Programme you have to submit the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation (half page)
  • Photocopy of passport or identity card
  • Your resume (curriculum vitae)
  • Transcripts of records of all years of higher education (certified copies) and
  • current weighted average mark and/or expected final grade
  • Bachelor degree - if you hold it already - original or certified copy

2. Tests and personal interview at the Berlin Campus

  • Online verbal and numerical logic test
  • Individual interview
  • English test (if English is not the first language)

In exceptional circumstances, e.g. for students living outside of Europe, we offer an online application process. Applicants will be tested in the same fields. Therefore - in addition to a video interview with the applicant - we require a GMAT test result and the score of a standardized English language test.

Candidates will be admitted on rolling base.

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  • International sales and marketing executive
  • digital sales consultant
  • Business opportunity developer
  • digital sales executive mamager
  • International key account manager
  • Country sales director
  • Digital trading manager

Working Areas:

  • multinational companies
  • distributors, manufactures, technology companies, digital solution providers and digital business
  • export and import business
  • small & medium enterprises, family businesses, and startups
  • Consulting firms

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Martina Seikat
Programm Manager
ESCP Business School
+49 (0)3032007151

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Der Kunde ist König. Doch wie verhält sich dieser König? Heute und auch in Zukunft? Was musst Du tun, um ihn an Dein Unternehmen zu binden und was genau ist eigentlich Kundenzufriedenheit? Die genauen Bedürfnisse Deiner Kunden zu identifizieren und zu befriedigen ist eine hohe Kunst und bedarf fachkundiger Profis.

Das und noch viel mehr erwartet Dich im Sales Management Studium! Die Kunden bestimmen die Zukunft der Unternehmen und wer weiß? Vielleicht bestimmst Du durch dieses Studium bald die Zukunft Deiner Kunden?

Sales Management studieren


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Sales 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management (M.Sc.)


Ich bin nach wie vor von den Kursen und den äußerst kompletten Professoren begeistert. Vor allem die Gastdozenten aus der Wirtschaft haben mich sehr begeistert. Auch in meinem jetzigen Beruf kann ich regelmäßig Inhalte aus dem Studiengang anwenden. Besonders gut haben mir auch die angeregten Diskussionen mit den sehr cleveren Mitstudierenden gefallen. Insgesamt ist der Studiengang sehr praxisnah, vor allem Im consulting project arbeitet man komplett wirtschaftsnah bei einem echten...Erfahrungsbericht weiterlesen

Ein tolles Studium für alle Interessierten!

Sales 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management (M.Sc.)


Der Sales Master an der ESCP Europe vermittelt nicht nur interessante Inhalte im Bereich Marketing & Sales, sondern stärkt vor allem auch Softskills, die einem in seinem Berufsleben weiterhelfen. Egal mit welchem akademischen Hintergrund, dieser Master ist die richtige Wahl für jeden, der Lust auf Vertrieb hat.

Sales management

Sales 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management (M.Sc.)


I learnt how to negociate a deal according to different situations and different managing styles.
I also have learnt how to adapt the speech according to the objectives to reach, the culture of the other party and the timing.
It was very interesting.


Sales 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management (M.Sc.)


Very interesting and useful knowledge applicable both in one‘s professional and private life. Enthusiastic and inspiring lectures and Professors! Both campuses are convenient and both cities are absolutely awesome.
The mix of applied and more theoretical courses as well as workshops make this Master an unforgetable and highly recommendable experience.

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