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International, practical approach and trust

Design Management (M.A.)

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I looked at 38 schools before applying to Macromedia University. I was looking for a program that was both small in student population and practical in approach. After narrowing it down to three choices, and getting accepted to all three, Macromedia was my top choice. Not only does Macromedia fulfil my two requirements, it does so with expert faculty who are professionals in their own fields, adding unmatchable credibility to the curriculum and their approach. The courses are a balance between theory and practice teaching not what was, but what is and what will be. The program prepares its students for the next two decades of industry dynamics and teaches the students how to think about and to understand the changes that are occurring globally.

As one of the older students, I must stress that this is a "Masters" program. Not a bachelor's program. Unfortunately, many students expect hand-holding and pampering, but that is not how it works in the professional world and they reflect that here. Macromedia faculty provide an environment in which we can explore, learn and make mistakes. They allow us the opportunities to ask questions, to choose our own coaches and our own paths. But it's up to us, the students. If we fail, it's because we did not take advantage of the resources provided. That trust and independence given is invaluable training for what's to come in the professional world. If one wants to succeed, then one has to work for it. It's as simple as that. And between the awesome topics, projects and faculty there really is no reason not to succeed. If a student is unhappy with something they have the freedom to speak out and discuss it and even go as high as the Dean who will meet with them personally. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to push their own abilities to think outside the box and to take advantage of top tier networking and working with global scale brands on really cool, "out there" projects. Good luck in your endeavours!

P.S. If you are looking for a studio style design program with a lot of technical training - crafts, software tutorials, 3D printing classes, etc. Do not apply to this school. This program is designed to train people who want to become leaders and managers within an inter-disciplinary workplace using methods of design and design thinking. Technical skills should come from outside sources - either previous work experience or undergraduate programs.
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  • Excellent lecturers, professors. Practical approach. Good networking

Kommentar der Hochschule

Dear Nader,

thank you for your evaluation on studycheck. It makes us proud to see how you seized the opportunities the Macromedia Master Programme offers. Thank you for sharing this detailed review.

Good luck for your career.
The Macromedia-Team


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  • Alter: 33-35
  • Geschlecht: Männlich
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  • Aktuelles Fachsemester: 2
  • Studienform: Vollzeit (120 ECTS)
  • Standort: Campus München
  • Schulabschluss: Fachhochschulreife
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