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Avoid if you already have great job experience!

International Business Studies (M.Sc.)

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My expectations have not been met - the content of courses is too general and not very relevant to day-to-day business. I cannot recommend this to someone who already has a good amount of business experience (I joined with about 5 years of corporate experience) because it is not challenging enough. There is very little interaction with the teachers and you really end up feeling like one in "hundred" students. The tests are only testing how quickly you can write down facts that you had to memorize. There is very little critical thinking involved in the classes.

The Business programs at the FAU seem underfunded and this means that there are not enough tutorials, there are too many people in the classes, etc., Also, some of the teachers are not even motivated to show up for class so instead they send their PhD students - which in some cases are only in the first year of their PhD!

The facilities and IT-infrastructure are not modern enough: no water fountains, not enough learning areas, and very poor IT-infrastructure.

Who would enjoy this program? People looking for a master's title from a good university who like have lots of free time.

What are some plus points? Nice classmates from around the world but unfortunately, this does not make up for the lackluster program. Also, the coordinator for the program is very helpful.

I highly recommend avoiding this master's program and finding something that is more specific and more relevant to today's business.
  • The coordinator for the program is very helpful and very-well organized. He answers questions quickly and tries his best to support everyone.
  • Too general. Not fit for today's business world. Not applicable for those with good job experience.

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