The master’s program in psychology focusing on organisation aims to foster a reflective socio-critical stance in its students. It explores subjects revolving around transformation processes in the context of organisational psychology, environmental psychology, health psychology and other related areas. Students learn theoretical and practical competencies that provide essential skills for developing sustainable solutions based on social dynamics. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of a reflective attitude within interdisciplinary and international dialogues, which teaches skills associated with professional leadership positions. This MA course includes 120 credits, which can be completed in four semesters and is targeted at graduates of bachelor’s programs in psychology or economics and related subjects who wish to pursue a career within the field of organisational psychology that is grounded in a psychodynamic perspective.
Master Psychology focusing on Organisation
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22.500 €¹
Master of Arts
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The program is divided into five overarching areas of study:

  1. Reflective Psychology and Theoretical Psychology
  2. Work, Organisational, and Business Psychology
  3. Health and Environmental Psychology
  4. Social and Cultural Psychology
  5. Research Methods

The content is spread across the following 12 modules:

  1. Psychology as a Critical Social Science (6 ECTS)
  2. Current Insights from Work and Organisational Psychology (6 ECTS)
  3. Person an Organisation (9 ECTS)
  4. Environment and Society at the Intersection of Demand and Reality (9 ECTS)
  5. Work, Health, and Prevention (6 ECTS)
  6. Counseling (9 ECTS)
  7. Research Methods (6 ECTS)
  8. Research and Project Workshop (8 ECTS)
  9. Strategic communication (6 ECTS)
  10. Electives (15 ECTS)
  11. Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS)
  12. Practical Internship (15 ECTS)
  • University-entrance diploma
  • Bachelor ́s degree in psychology, accepted by uni-assist
  • Alternatively, Bachelor ́s degree in in social sciences, economics, etc., as well as at least 40 credits from areas that correspond to the MA Psychology - Work, Society and Environment program. Out of these, at least 16 credits must be from the area of psychology, such as social psychology, methods, and psychoanalysis. Please check our website for details.
  • English language proficiency certificate
  • Video or telephone interview with an IPU professor


€¹ 5,900 pro Semester (oder €¹22,500 für 4 Semester, wenn im voraus bezahlt).

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At the IPU Berlin, you have the benefit of an individualized application process, in which a numerus clausus plays no role. Instead, if you fulfill the criteria, after applying online, we will invite you to a one-on-one selection interview. Based on your documents and interview, we want to make sure that you will fit in at the IPU – and that the IPU is right for you.

For our programs taught in English, the IPU uses the uniassist application system. This allows international applicants to submit their documents in a secure way and to make sure the application is complete before it is sent off to the IPU.

Click here to learn more about applying to IPU Berlin.

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All students at the IPU Berlin – regardless of country of origin – have the opportunity to study abroad during their time at the IPU. The ERASMUS+ and DAAD PROMOS programs allow students to spend up to two semesters abroad at European partner universities in order to study or complete an internship.

In addition, researchers and teaching staff affiliated with the IPU can take part in ERASMUS+ exchanges as well.

The IPU International Office can advise you on the numerous international exchange programs available as well as funding for travel and living abroad. They will also stay in touch with students for the duration of their international stays.

You can find more information through our International Office website.

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As the MA Psychology focusing on Organisation is a new program, we have no information yet on the setup of the student body. However, as one of the programs of its kind in Berlin, the sibling program MA Psychology English track attracts students from across the globe who want to study psychology in Berlin.

In comparison to the IPU Berlin’s other courses, the MA Psychology English track has a much more international profile, and one cohort could include students from every continent. This course is also smaller than its German-language counterpart, which allows students to have much closer contact with the teaching staff, who are just as international as its students.
This diverse makeup of students and instructors provides exposure to a wide range of cultures, languages, backgrounds, and ways of thinking about psychology, which only serves to enrich the overall study experience.

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The IPU Berlin is located right in the heart of Berlin. The campus, which can be found in the Moabit district, is located directly next to the river Spree, where you will find students and families alike sitting next to the water when the weather is nice.

Thanks to its central location, the IPU Berlin is in walking distance from several forms of public transportation, which makes it easy to reach campus from districts that are farther away. A short walk away, one can find the Berlin-famous Tiergarten and Bellevue Palace, while shopping, restaurants and bars can be found in the immediate vicinity.

As part of university life, the student council offers a wide range of university groups and organizes evening events such as concerts or parties. Students also have the opportunity to attend evening lectures and events sponsored by the university.

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It is natural that many questions arise before beginning a study program. In order to address these questions – and maybe some you haven’t thought of yet – the IPU Berlin offers regular info sessions for individual programs and for all prospective students. At these events, university representatives and current students can talk with you about your application, career goals, the IPU experience, and much more. The information sessions also include representatives from the organization Chancen eG, which can help students finance their studies through a so-called reverse generational contract.

You can find upcoming open houses and info sessions (as well as all other events) through our events page.

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Wie kann sich ein Firmenchef gegenüber seinen Angestellten durchsetzen, ohne respektlos zu werden? Wie erhöhe ich die Chance, dass eine Diskussion zu guten Ergebnissen führt? Welche Rolle spielt die Büroeinrichtung für die Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit?

Mit solchen und ähnlichen Zusammenhängen von Psyche und Arbeitsplatz beschäftigt sich die Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie. Wenn dich solche Fragen interessieren und du dein Interesse an menschlichen Persönlichkeiten mit wirtschaftlichem Denken in Verbindung bringen möchtest, dann lies unbedingt weiter!

Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie studieren


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