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International Health Economics & Pharmacoeconomics (M.Sc.)


I expected more for the price!

The study groups are small and you can always talk to the lecturers and get help . I have the impression that the content is repetitive in comparison to a bachelors degree in health economics, so, I didn’t really see a huge difference, except for its main focus which is obviously on the Pharma industry. Nevertheless, the price is not justified in my...Erfahrungsbericht weiterlesen

My experience

International Health Economics & Pharmacoeconomics (M.Sc.)


More than 90% unemployed graduates. If you are black you are unemployed and even hard to find internship.

Professors work here only for title.
No alumni network or support to program.
No partnerships with companies or organizations.

It was worth studying when it had partnership with Cardiff university.

University and course not recognizing by top organizations.

This degree is worthless!

International Health Economics & Pharmacoeconomics (M.Sc.)


My personal experience is that students in this program at Fresenius University are treated very differently. If you are lucky, the people in charge take care of you, if not, they do not. The supervision during the master's thesis is usually rather poor and the students are forced to work out a topic for the thesis themselves and to successfully complete the internship at the same time.
In addition, I...Erfahrungsbericht weiterlesen

Very specialized and international master degree

International Health Economics & Pharmacoeconomics (M.Sc.)

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I finished my bachelor degree in health economics at HSF before, so I decided to continue my studies in pharmacoeconomics. I really enjoyed the very international study group and the lectures. The professors are from the industry so they inform about the most recent information and are very helpful to receive internships at their businesses.

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