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Very flexible Master course

Applied + Environmental Geoscience (M.Sc.)

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Due to three different specializations and many elective courses, there is a lot of flexibility for tailoring your degree.
I focused mainly on Hydrogeology and Environmental Modelling and the Professors in this field are outstanding (particularly Prof. Cirpka).
Lots of group projects, presentations and some field work (in electives).
The class is small and interaction between teachers and students is large.
Provides solid quantitative skills. It's not suited for you if you despise maths.
I'm currently doing a PhD at one of the top 10 Universities worldwide and the quality of teaching in the AEG course is at least at the same level.
  • Flexiblity of course, Professors, small class
  • Non that I could think of

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Lucero , 29.06.2021 - Applied + Environmental Geoscience (M.Sc.)

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  • Alter: 30-32
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  • Studiendauer: 4 Semester
  • Studienbeginn: 2013
  • Studienform: Vollzeitstudium
  • Standort: Standort Tübingen
  • Schulabschluss: Abitur
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