The aim of the BA (Human Resource Management & Leadership) program is to develop a global business graduate with a well-rounded and state-of-the-art HR management and leadership expertise, and a skill set that can be adapted to different business settings. Our program encourages students to delve deep into the dynamics of employee behavior and the impact this has on the functioning of organizations. As such, students will learn to manage a diverse workforce, create employee recruitment plans and training schemes, and devise HR and leadership strategies.

Berlin International is set within the unique Berlin context, which is apart from the seat of many MNCs also a major start-up hotspot in Europe: Our students can thus take their pick in terms of either working for a start-up or multinational corporation after their graduation.

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Peter , 12.11.2021 - Business Administration | Human Resource Management & Leadership (B.A.)


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24.300 €¹
Bachelor of Arts

1. Semester

  • Foundations of Management
  • International Business
  • Foundations of Marketing
  • Introduction to Digital Business
  • Research Methods
  • Facing Challenges

2. Semester

  • Financial Accounting
  • Introduction to Economics
  • People and Organizations
  • Measuring and Managing Operations and Services
  • Management Methods
  • General Vocational Preparation

3. Semester

  • Finance and Investment
  • Introduction to Law
  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Communication and Negotiation

4. Semester

  • Innovation and Change Management
  • Economic Policy & International Economics
  • Platform Business: Research
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Business Ethics and Sustainability
  • Talent and Career Management

5. Semester

  • Practical Study Semester
  • Contemporary Issues in Business
  • Digital Development and Society
  • Products, Markets and People

6. Semester

  • Thesis
  • Strategic HRM and HR Analytics
  • Business Simulation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • University entrance qualification
  • Proof of English level: TOEFL PBT: 537, TOEFL IBT: 74, IELTS (Academic): 6, Cambridge FCE: B, PTE Academic: 50, IB Diploma: English A or B at HL or SL, BI 'English Language Proficiency Exam': PASS
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Due to its cosmopolitan character, affordability, vibrant cultural scene, and reputation as a hub for creatives and start-ups, Berlin is one of the most popular cities in Europe to work, study, and live – especially if you are interested in being involved in an open and international community.

Our modern and spacious campus is located in the heart of the university district in West Berlin. Easily reachable by public transport, it is also surrounded by canals and green spaces and is only a short walk from Berlin’s largest park, the Tiergarten.

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As well as fulfilling their academic needs, our staff is also interested in preparing students for the interconnected world in which we live by promoting crosscultural understanding through international academic co-operation and joint projects.

Alongside developing a strong theoretical understanding of their field, we believe it is crucial for students to understand how this can be applied and utilized in the professional world. For this reason, we have a number of professional partnerships with businesses and organizations that work with us to help students gain real-world experience.

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Berlin International is committed to providing students with opportunities to study abroad in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and prepare students for careers in a globalized work environment. Our network of campuses in Europe, North America and Asia gives students the opportunity to spend part of their studies in cities such as Washington D.C. and Istanbul, as well as many others.

In addition, we are proud to be a holder of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, and as of June 2018, we hold Erasmus agreements with 24 universities in Europe, a network which we are determined to continuously expand.

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Knowing how to work in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams is now of central importance for anyone wishing to work in the field of management. Accordingly, the program seeks to prepare students for careers in an increasingly globalized market.

Utilizing both foundational and emerging theoretical under- standings of this context, as well as career-oriented professional training and intercultural awareness, our program provides students with the skills to adapt to the challenges of this continuously-changing environment in order to equip them to thrive in today’s interconnected business world.

Following the completion of their studies, graduates will have various future perspectives such as in: multinational corporations, local niche markets, non-governmental organizations, public sector institutions. Based on their gained experience they could also establish a start- up company i.e. for creation and marketing of new ideas as well as work in further study and research.

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Applying for one of the study programs at Berlin International is simple and proceeds quickly. The application process is the same for German and international students. Anyone who has earned a German university entrance qualification or an international equivalent can apply for admission at Berlin International.

Our website provides full information on the application process as well as the degrees and qualifications required to study with us, divided into sections for German and international students. Students who do not meet the English requirements are offered to enrol in our one-year English preparatory program either in Berlin or at one of our BAU Global campuses.

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Stefanie Pradel
Zentrale Studienberatung
Berlin International
+49 (0) 30 810 5808 - 3

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Du träumst von einer aufregenden Karriere als Manager und Unternehmer? Dann bist Du hier genau richtig. Denn das beliebte BWL Studium bietet Dir das Komplettpaket an Fachkenntnissen - sei es Marketing, VWL, Rechnungswesen und vieles mehr. Nach dem Abschluss bist Du in nahezu allen Branchen und Wirtschaftszweigen gern gesehen. Also los - informiere Dich hier über die Voraussetzungen, Inhalte und den Ablauf Deines BWL Studiums und starte durch.

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Peter Maffay ist lustig!

Business Administration | Human Resource Management & Leadership (B.A.)


Ich habe Peter während meines Studiums getroffen und er brachte mich die ganze Zeit zum Lachen. Ich freue mich jeden Tag wieder in das Studienleben zu starten weil das meine Lebensenergie in Freude umwandelt. Meine Freunde unterstützen mich immer und die Dozenten sind auch immer nett.

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Business Administration | Human Resource Management & Leadership (B.A.)

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Fähige Dozenten gehen auf alle Fragen ein und erklären alles sehr ausführlich.
Sehr Gute Ausstattung
Zu Corona Zeiten sehr gute Umsetzung des unterrichtes
Die bücherrei lässt sich noch ausbauen aber ansich auch sehr schön und gut.

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Business Administration | Human Resource Management & Leadership (B.A.)

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Sehr lehrreich und informativ würde ich jedem weiterempfehlen. Die Lehrer sind manchmal ein bisschen anstrengend aber fair. Große Saale aber sehr modern. Habe schnell Freunde gefunden. Aber ist nichts für faule Leute man muss echt lernen. Hoffe das ich es erfolgreich abschließen.

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