In the master's degree program Autonomous Driving, you can deal with very different aspects of autonomous driving. The study program is deliberately broad. It is about self-driving cars and driver assistance systems. But also autonomously driving forklifts, autonomously moving robots on factory floors and shuttle vehicles on company premises or airports. Or drones that deliver packages from Amazon, for example. Knowledge is imparted in a project-centered and practical manner "on demand. There is no classic timetable. For two semesters, you work with your fellow students on a joint project and get the knowledge you need from the professors and experts from the field. And exactly when you need it. In the third semester, you will work on your own project in your master's thesis.

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Master of Engineering
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Project work: 1st -2nd semester

1st semester

  • Conception
    • Product development process
    • Business plan
    • Systems Engineering
    • Requirements Engineering (Vehicle specification sheet)
    • User Experience (Introduction)
  • Safety concept
    • IT-Security in vehicles
    • Functional Safety Management
    • Safety analysis with FMEA and FTA
  • Environment sensor technology and data fusion
    • Sensor technology and sensor data fusion
    • Camera, Radar, Lidar
    • Pattern recognition
    • Image recognition algorithms
    • Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

2nd semester

  • Networked mobility and infrastructure
    • Communication technology and systems
    • Urban and traffic planning
    • Traffic control systems
    • Mobility concepts
    • Ethics and law
    • User Experience (Outside the vehicle)
  • Virtual protection
    • Qualification SiL/HiL
    • Software integration
    • Test methodology
    • Design of Experiments
    • User Experience test
  • Vehicle testing
    • System integration
    • Prototyping
    • Test organization
    • User Experience test

3rd semester

  • Master thesis (ideally in cooperation with a partner company)

As admission requirements you need:

  • A diploma or bachelor's degree with an overall grade of at least 2.5 or a final grade with which you belong to the best 60 percent of graduates,
  • A university degree in automotive engineering, mechatronics, information technology/computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering/electronics, physics or related fields, and
  • At least seven semesters (210 ECTS) including a practical study semester (at least 18 ECTS) or six semesters (180 ECTS) without a practical study semester. You can make up for missing competencies in theory or practice within one year after starting the master's program with us.

English proficiency proven by a relevant mark in one of the following tests: UNIcert® II, TOEFL 550, CBTOEFL 213, IELTS 6.0. Or you can prove equivalent knowledge e.g. by a bachelor entirely taught in the English language.

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The practice-oriented study program allows you to get to know companies from the inside and make contacts during your studies. If you have the "startup gene" in you, you can also take the opportunity to found your own company.

The study program works with numerous cooperation partners from the business world. This ensures the mutual transfer of technology across disciplinary boundaries. And in this way, a close interlocking of study and practice is possible, which leads to exciting study projects.

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For autonomous driving to become a reality, people are needed who have the necessary know-how to develop the associated concepts and technology.

The master's program "Autonomous Driving" prepares students for the technical challenges of tomorrow's mobility. And not just in the automotive sector. Specialists for autonomous mobility concepts are also needed in production, logistics, corporate management and the software industry. Graduates of this master's program are therefore not limited to one industry. Almost all areas of our economy are open to them.

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The master's degree in Autonomous Driving at Coburg University of Applied Sciences is located at the Lucas Cranach Campus Kronach. What makes the Lucas Cranach Campus special is its spirit. The newly created campus in the heart of the city of Kronach offers studying, learning, tinkering, living, meeting friends, going out in the evening - all in the immediate vicinity. The campus is characterized by a special spirit: Here, doers can meet in an unconventional way, question existing solutions, think new things and actively shape them.

Lucas Cranach the Elder, the man who gave the campus its name, stands for precisely this special spirit: his "Cranach Workshop" is considered one of the most productive studios of the Renaissance - through innovative production processes, he and his team were able to create an immense output of great works of art - his works can be found in all the world's major museums today.

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Practical Based Study!

Autonomous Driving (M.Eng.)


This cource is completely project oriented, you have one theme for your project. Lectures are aggrenged in a way that you will be to apply gained knowledge in your project work. You get to work on model autonomous vehicle. It's so fun to work with those!

Außergewöhnliche praxisorientiertes Studium

Autonomous Driving (M.Eng.)


Ich bin zurzeit Studentin in diesem Studiengang und mache jetzt mein zweite Semester und bin ganz zufrieden mit dem Studium. Ich bin Ausländerin und hatte am Anfang etwa Angst vor dem Studium in Deutschland und auf die Schwierigkeit eine Wohnung zu finden. Aber wegen der Art und Weise , wie das Studium gestaltet ist, wie die Professoren offen sind, ist mein Angst schnell weg gegangen. Die Professoren und Laboringenieren sind...Erfahrungsbericht weiterlesen

Zukünftige Kurse mit Praktikum

Autonomous Driving (M.Eng.)


Meiner Meinung nach ist diese Kurs sehr gut und starke Nachfrage. Für mich, persönlich die Lehrer*innen sind sehr Nett, toll und Familiegefüllt. Mit Praktikum in Modelstadt kann man auch ihr eigenes Projekt machen. Es gibt auch Möglichkeit mit Coachs zu sprechen, um genauso und besser Kenntnisse über Sensoren und Technik zu sprechen und vorbereiten für die Projekt.

Sehr gutes Studienkonzept

Autonomous Driving (M.Eng.)


Die Inhalte der Lehrveranstaltungen finden sofort im Praxisprojekt Anwendung, was den Hauptteil des Studiums bildet. Für die Erreichung der Projektziele ist ein effizientes Zeitmanagement äußerst wichtig, wobei man sich die Projektarbeit sehr frei einteilen kann. Die jeweiligen Projektinhalte werden gut an die Wissensstände der neuen Studierenden angepasst. Bei der Projektdurchführung bieten die Dozenten und Hochschul-Mitarbeiter stets eine gute Unterstützung und es stehen alle nötigen Arbeitsutensilien zur Verfügung.

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