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Research oriented xourse

Applied Mathematics for Network and Data Sciences (M.Sc.)


The course prepares us to do a research followed by the master course. Very informative and very good faculty. The in depth knowledge of the professors were really nice to go through the whole experience. Every assignment and project were really thoughtful.

Good experience

Applied Mathematics for Network and Data Sciences (M.Sc.)

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Good course with application of mathematics to computing science. very practical and applicable in field in and industry. Nice lectures and nice course content. it is possible to proceed the study to earn doctoral degree and also to postdoctoral level.

Add some practical courses

Applied Mathematics for Network and Data Sciences (M.Sc.)

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Course is good but did not have sufficient practical work. It is much more theoretical not practical. it is much more needed to improve the contents of course. In industry point of view, we will be very behind from other candidate from other Universities.

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