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Good cross-section through the fields of plastics

Polymer Technology (M.Sc.)

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During the three-semester master's program, students acquire knowledge about plastics and their processing.The knowledge transfer takes place as a lecture as well as during laboratory experiments. It is also possible to set priorities through electives. What is to be positively emphasized is the possibility to start in the summer semester as well as in the winter semester. Due to the English language of study, many foreign students also participate in the program and an international exchange is thus promoted. The groups are small and it is possible to start this consecutive Master's program with different educational backgrounds.
  • Starts in the summer semester as well as in the winter semester; international exchange; well-equipped laboratories; small groups

Aktuelle Bewertungen zum Studiengang

Jeremy , 25.11.2020 - Polymer Technology

Über Valentin

  • Alter: 27-29
  • Geschlecht: Männlich
  • Abschluss: Ich studiere noch
  • Aktuelles Fachsemester: 1
  • Studienbeginn: 2020
  • Studienform: Vollzeitstudium
  • Standort: Campus Beethovenstraße
  • Weiterempfehlung: Ja
  • Geschrieben am: 25.11.2020