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Interesting, interdisciplinary studies

Sustainable Resource Management (M.Sc.)

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I enjoy the courses and offered lectures as well as the interdisciplinary approach of the program. I have learned a great deal about sustainability, and the issues the world is currently facing and how to potentially solve them. The course is organised in a way that from second semester upwards, students choose a specialisation, depending on what interests them . However, in some cases there are not enough places for all the students interested in the course, which makes one re-evaluate one's personal study-plan. Courses are demanding, but as expected in master's level. in my case, we are using specific Remote sensing softwares. which are only available on campus, and I wish I could use them in my personal computer to further improve my knowledge/learnings. Lecturers are fine, but in many cases they are abroad or involved in their own research and not caring as much for teaching. Last but not least, overall organization must be improved. We currently have exams spread throughout the entire semester break, not leaving any room for actual rest. We are students yes, but also need some time to recover from such an intense semester. The internship situation must also be improved, as we are requested to do an 8 week full-time internship, but as we have exams throughout the semester break there is no time to do the internship, making it very hard to finish in the announced 4 semesters.
  • Classes are interesting. TUM is a renowned University
  • Poor organization

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Über Paula

  • Alter: 27-29
  • Geschlecht: Weiblich
  • Abschluss: Ich studiere noch
  • Aktuelles Fachsemester: 3
  • Studienbeginn: 2021
  • Studienform: Vollzeitstudium
  • Standort: Campus Weihenstephan
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  • Geschrieben am: 21.11.2022
  • Veröffentlicht am: 21.11.2022