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Tailored course for design engineering aspirants

Scientific Instrumentation


As soon I've begun my first semester at EAH Jena, I found it hard to go through the course work as most of the lectures in India are spoonfed with class notes being given to the students. Here, I got to know that I need to regularly go through the presentations, running notes during lectures written by myself and also from the external sources like Wikipedia and YouTube. Later, I...Erfahrungsbericht weiterlesen

A Researcher

Scientific Instrumentation


The lab Course involved in the university made me to do more Research on Materials such as semiconductors,mixing of alloys.The Course is too good to study.The Course is very useful for all the type of branches from Bachelors such as Mechanical,Electrical,Production engineering.

Best for Engineers

Scientific Instrumentation


Very good experience for me as the University is taking care of everything for the students. Management is always available for any help and the course structure is well designed. Well equipped classed and lab will definitely make the course a good experience, I believe.

Exploring new areas and innovations

Scientific Instrumentation


I have indulged in the optical innovations and new measurements with optical instruments.
Precisioned devices theory for the advanced design in Autodesk Inventor.
The course study is open for the research in interdisciplinary fields like optics,mechanical design,electrical hardware management,Microsystems with advanced MEMS.

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