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International, diverse, unique

Psychology (English track) (M.A.)

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As a part of the only English language study course at IPU, I have come to appreciate how internationally diverse the English Track is. My cohort has students from almost every continent, which provides for stimulating discussions full of a wide variety of experiences and perspectives.

As far as the courses go, I find the content and practice to be true to the clinical focus, while still making sure that we gain a solid enough knowledge of the research side. Our instructors are all clinicians or researchers as well, and the students benefit from their real-world expertise in addition to academic learning. In addition to teaching us in lectures and seminars, my experience with the teaching staff has been that they are open and enthusiastic about supporting their students in most any way possible--from giving advice on internships and future careers to helping with personal issues in navigating the stressors of being a student in the current global climate.

On the organizational side of the university, since it is still young (especially the English Track), there is still much in the way of potential growth and communication. However, the small, intimate nature of the uni allows students to be closely involved in its internal workings through student government and as student employees.

Since the primary language of IPU is German, I would recommend at least a basic knowledge of German, even if you are studying in the English track. While it's not absolutely necessary, it will definitely help to smooth the more bureaucratic aspects of studying.

All in all, from my perspective, this program is meant for students who are independent, insightful, and hope to one day work as a clinical psychologist in some form. Its purpose is to break open your preconceived notions, widen your perspectives, and prepare you for a future in helping others.
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Über Tara

  • Alter: 27-29
  • Geschlecht: Weiblich
  • Abschluss: Ich studiere noch
  • Aktuelles Fachsemester: 3
  • Studienbeginn: 2019
  • Studienform: Vollzeitstudium
  • Standort: Standort Berlin
  • Weiterempfehlung: Ja
  • Geschrieben am: 10.01.2021