The graduate programme focuses on the fields of water resources management and water engineering in different climatic zones, while considering global change. It is designed to enable participants to acquire and expand their professional and methodological qualifications. This programme meets the international standards necessary to pursue and develop a career with national and international authorities and organizations, engineering and consulting enterprises, as well as in research. The master course provides the basics for engagement in development and consultation agencies, to head the operation of water management systems and to contribute to transdisciplinary research tasks within the entire field of hydro sciences.
Studies are organized in a modular system. There are basic courses during first term and advanced courses during second and third term, compilation of the master thesis will follow during fourth term.

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Prashant , 21.10.2022 - Hydro Science and Engineering (M.Sc.)
Pawan , 15.02.2022 - Hydro Science and Engineering (M.Sc.)
Shuvojit , 09.10.2020 - Hydro Science and Engineering (M.Sc.)


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Master of Science
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Compulsory modules:

  • Statistics
  • Climatology & Hydrology
  • Soils, Ecology, Hydrochemistry (2 of 3)
  • Geodesy, Hydromechanics, Hydraulic Engineering (2 of 3)
  • Study project Integrated Water Ressources Management

Electives (choice of modules, minimum 50cr):

  • Aquatic Ecology and Ecotoxicology
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate Change
  • Climate Systems and Climate Modelling
  • Communication and Conflict Management
  • Drinking Water Supply
  • Flood Risk Management I & II
  • Ground Water
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Integrated Water Resources Management I & II
  • International Water Issues
  • Internship Hydrosciences
  • Soil Water
  • Urban Water I & II
  • Water Quality and Water Treatment
  • Watershed management I & II
  • a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental sciences or in an engineering discipline; standard course length of at least six semesters, result better than average
  • professional experience is not essential for the course, but it is taken into account and treated as an additional criterion
  • knowledge of English, level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
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Dresden, Pirna, Tharandt
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This master course is designed to broaden and intensify academic and practical knowledge in the fields of management, conservation and development of water resources within different climatic zones and construction and operation of water management systems. The students will be enabled to cope with future professional demands within research and practice worldwide. The master programme meets international standards required to pursue and develop careers within national and international administrations and organisations. The master course provides the basics for engagement in development and consultation agencies, to head the operation of water management systems and to contribute to transdisciplinary research tasks within the entire field of hydro sciences.

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A wide range of individual modules assembles the course going through three phases in 4 Terms. A module may comprise a number of lectures, exercises, seminars, workshops or excursions. Phase I (Term 1) contains basic modules, of which some are mandatory and some can be selected. For further advanced courses in phase II (Term 2 / 3), students may choose optional modules to acquire their desired specialisation. The study programme is designed together with the professorships of the Department of Hydrosciences and other cooperation partners. A written thesis in Term 4 (phase III) is going to complete the Master. Prospective students can get a first insight into studying and researching at the Department of Hydrosciences HERE.

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Several funding programmes are offering financial support like scholarships. For example, DAAD supports this master course at TU Dresden within the framework of the DAAD-EPOS-Programme.

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Dipl.-Geogr. Christina Görner
TUD - TU Dresden
+49 (0)351 463-37524

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Learning the experience of students around the Glo

Hydro Science and Engineering (M.Sc.)


This course offers a variety of interdisciplinary programs and students from all over the world that has helped me understand the water problems and how the respective countries are finding their own solution according to their requirements with Germany as a reference.

Interesting and intriguing course

Hydro Science and Engineering (M.Sc.)


Hydro Science deals with regular water Crisis in day to day life with all the advance methods available in order to reduce it.
It is well rounded course between hydrological problems and its Engineering solutions which impacts in better human life. The course also covers all the water management issues across the world.

Very well structured course

Hydro Science and Engineering (M.Sc.)


The course encompasses all the related fields of water and environment so the student has freedom to choose their paths. The first semester subjects provides perfect platform to build upon. The excursions are also very exciting and add to the knowledge built in classrooms.

One of the best international MS in hydrology

Hydro Science and Engineering (M.Sc.)

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-focus more on practical rather than theoretical aspects, study modern approaches
-interesting international interaction
-multiply study projects and workshops enforcing communication between students
-nice and friendly staff
-side-research-jobs opportunities

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