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Oumayma fragte am 29. Januar 2021

Is it possible to study medicine as a moroccan student?

i study biology in science university. i want to know if i got my general university degree, Does it have importance in applying for a medicine University? does it help me get better chance ? Or my ce...
Eine Antwort von Studierenden zur Frage
Saskia: We have some students from other countries! So yes, it is in some ways possible to study here. But you definetly need to know the german Language. I am not quite sure if you‘ll have a better chance with your biology degree (you personally do have a great knoweledge right from the beginning with that)! I am not really sure what you mean with the advisors. Here are groupes and other Students who take care of the newcomers and so on ... ;) for special questions you should ask someone from the university who is in charge.