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Perfect mix between theory and practice

Marketing Management (M.Sc.)

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This course has found a perfect spot between intensive classes and real-learning and practice experience. It is designed to make you apply all the concepts that you learn right after they're taught by the teacher. Having assignments related to theory allows for a better comprehension of the course and better use of the information during your job. This is a much better approach than just learning, because not only it grants you experience and forces you to make certain decisions about a case, it also opens up discussion and prepares you for a real world environment.
The fact that this is such an international course is not only be helpful when working with international teams, it also gives invaluable experience when working in such teams. This is a key skill to have in today's job market.
The choice of teachers is mostly great, while satisfactory in some rare cases. The greatness of some teachers (whether by palpable experience, love for teaching or just general empathy) will make you want to come to class every morning extremely motivated. They will give you incredible insights and guide you through your assignments by their knowledge and experience. In my experience, they will also be open for contact and help you in the future.
  • Good lectures who are always open for discussions, good installations, good school activities, good integration actions
  • Lack of school identity by mixing with other schools

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