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A University of Idealism, Not Practicality

Management (M.A.)

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After starting my Master's program here I was gravely disappointed.

The University:
- terrible communication skills
- entirely unorganized
- full-time staff is overworked
- horribly managed for a school offering management programs!
- no real career services for getting a job after studying

The Management M.A. Program:
- no actual courses on finance/accounting
- sustainability courses are idealistic and do not apply to anything management-related (this is coming from someone who has a background is sustainability from their bachelor degree)
- identity courses are surface-level, at best, not addressing the diversity of gender and sexuality (gender non-binary topics ignored, only binary gender roles discussed) nor going deep enough on current race theory, colorism, etc.
- no practical experiences/internship involved
- majority of lecturers are not actively teaching, rather expectation is on students to just talk about their opinions on topics

Having a bachelor's degree from a state research university in the US, I really can't even start to compare the lack of depth, applicability and content in the courses offered in the management Master's program here.

PreMaster Program
- a waste of time
- includes IPRO- a company project that is so poorly managed and there is no theoretical or practical lessons on marketing, sales, etc. alongside the IPRO/CPRO projects to prepare groups to work on a project with a company on a consulting project
- required Area Studies course which does not at all apply to/prepare for a Management degree

I expected a much difference experience at this university. Yes, it comprises many international students. Yes, it is welcoming to different cultural and personal identities. But as place to study, to invest one's money in to have a solid education, the university is absolutely not a good option.

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