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It was a short but great subject

Gutenberg Intermedia (M.A.)

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As only one foreign student who doesn't speak German well, it was a risky adventure to me. For two semesters, I couldn't figure out, what I really wanted to make for my master project. And I didn't take many opportunities from good colleagues and professors. But every tutors of FH Mainz helped me with patience and I could find exact project what I could do well. After graduation, they are still very helpful. If you read this comment and if you are a person from another country who can't speak German and if you want to learn something, learn German until you pass the exam and apply here for 3 semesters. This university will offer you a good lecture.
  • Great people
  • short semester (3 semesters)

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Anonym , 11.09.2021 - Gutenberg Intermedia (M.A.)

Über Minho

  • Alter: 30-32
  • Geschlecht: Männlich
  • Abschluss: Ja
  • Studiendauer: 4 Semester
  • Studienbeginn: 2016
  • Studienform: 2019: »Stuffed Birds«
  • Standort: Standort Campus
  • Weiterempfehlung: Ja
  • Geschrieben am: 06.02.2019