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MBA in International Industrial Management

  • For engineers with management ambitions.
  • Ranked among the top 5 of European MBA programs in Industrial Management: Staufenbiel MBA Trends Study.
  • Full-time MBA: 2 semesters on campus, 1 semester thesis in the industry
  • All classes taught in English with accompanying German lessons
  • Many company visits supplement classroom learning
  • Low tuition fees due to German government subsidies

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Pragadish , 02.04.2019 - International Industrial Management
Pragadish , 15.03.2019 - International Industrial Management


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Master of Business Administration
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Esslingen am Neckar
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International Industrial Management


Ich habe nette Kollegen and Lehrer mit viel Berufserfahrung. Die Hochschule ist im Esslingen am Neckar, ein Stadt im Stuttgart Region. Es gibt viele Großunternehmen im diese Region. Die Alumni der Schule arbeitet im verschiedene Industrie. Die Bibliothek der schule gibt es viel Buchen.

Sehr toll and praktsich

International Industrial Management


Ich finde diese Programme sehr benutzlich. Der Lehrer hat viel Erfahrungen im Management und dass ist sehr wichtig. Die Hochschule ist im Esslingen am Neckar , ein Ort neben Stuttgart Region and gibt es viele Unternehmen im diese Region. Es ist ein Internationales Programme und ich habe Mitschüler aus verschiedene Länder.

An adventurous journey filled with loads of fun

International Industrial Management

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The course is highly recommended for engineers who wants to pursue their career towards business management. I am currently in second semester of the course. I must say that, I am learning a lot. Subjects helps in improving your personal,technical and business knowledge. The course is international, there will be students from different countries. Teamwork sessions helps you to blend in with one another. The whole course is taught in English, but importance is given to German language also. We have German language classes through out the course. The course is a bit intensive but filled with fun. Towards the end of the course, you will be ready to take up a challenging career!!

A great place to study!

International Industrial Management

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Organized classes and a small class size of students favoured interaction between professors and students as well as among the students.

The spread of curriculum topics covering different business interests suiting the modern industry needs is definitely a major highlight of the Esslingen MBA program.

My experience

International Industrial Management

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In my experience this is the best choice I could have ever done. Luckily I obtained a scholarship from FESTO and that helped me go through my studies.
I personally liked a lot the financial part and operations managed from this MBA, although many things can be improved they take feedback from students very seriously and every year will be better than the last. =)

A fast way to get a professional degree in Germany

International Industrial Management

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At the beginning it was really interesting, but then because of the work load it turned to be boring, the material of the professors was repeated in different lessons, also some lessons where out of scope for industrial implementation. Like HR and e-commerce, marketing (the title of the lesson is correct, but the content was useless)

Anyhow, I had a really good time with my classmates and some professors and if I have the option to do the MBA again I will do it in Esslingen without thinking about it.

Rich learning experience

International Industrial Management

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Studying in an international environment with profound lectures and environment makes this program special. The learning has always been directed towards the modern business needs. I look to carry forward this learning experience in all possible facets of my personal and professional goals.

Beschreibung des Studiums

International Industrial Management

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Vielfältig, kommt sicher gut bei den Firmen an. Ein Auslandssemester ist hier Pflicht, dadurch hat man die Möglichkeit die Sprache Englisch zu verbessern, zudem lernt unabhängig zu sein. Das Studium bietet wenige technische Inhalte an dafür mehr wirtschaftliche Interessen. Das heißt, wenn ihr einen Studiengang wollt, der nicht viel mit Technik zu tun hat..Dann seid ihr hier richtig!

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