M.Eng. in Automotive Systems

In recent years, automotive systems have increased in number, scope and complexity. The automotive industry is faced with an enormous challenge: the competition in this field is strong and the requirements in the areas of cost, active and passive safety, and fuel economy are increasing steadily.

These challenges can only be met by expanding and cross-linking present automotive systems. In spite of their increasing complexity, systems with greater safety, availability, reliability and reduced fuel consumption have to be realised.

As the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is located in the very heart of the European automotive industry, students benefit from our close links to the many industrial companies situated in the area. Among these are global players such as Audi, Behr, Bosch,Daimler, Porsche and Festo. Through company visits, project work and case studies, students have the chance to gain knowledge in modern methods of development and production.

The study program begins in September of each year: a master's degree can be achieved after the standard study period of three semesters (1,5 years). The language of instruction in all lectures is English. The Automotive Systems program was accredited in 2007 by ASIIN

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Studied from 2015 to 2016

Automotive Systems


The professors are really nice and try always to explain complicate topics in a good way.
There are always enough space for everybody in the rooms and always enough PC's, but the screens in the rooms are sometimes too small from the back.
My priority on the study was the vehicle dynamics, but the mechanical influences from axis, tires, ... on the behaviour of a vehicle are not very well represented, so don't await too much stuff from the mechanics of a vehicle.

All in all the course is very focused on the control and on electronics, but this topics are really nice explained.

Worth studying the course in HS-Esslingen

Automotive Systems


I have pursued my Master's in the year 2011-2013. I would strongly recommend the course and the university for the following reasons:
- Highly skilled and extremely helpful professors and organisers
- Great studying environment
- Valuable course content which was matching to my requirements
Overall, it is 100% worth studying in HS-Esslingen.

Studied ASM-SBAS from 2012-2014. Awesome Experince

Automotive Systems


I had a wonderful experience during my MS. Privileged to study under Prof Schindler/Prof Gipser. Very helpful and friendly staff. Spl. mention for Mr. Brinkmann, Ms. Pohl. AWESOME is one word I can give to it overall. I am glad we choose each other:)

Comment and Feedback

Automotive Systems


Overall I felt ASM program was good. 

Some comments about course in Car electronics 2 nd semester:
I felt that there could have been more detailed lecture of E&E Architecture. There could have been more practical lectures on usage of Automotive Bus system tools (CANoe, CANape,etc) during the semester.

1. Some courses for CE were closed book and some courses for SBAS , VD were open book. There could have been equal number of courses open and closed book for all courses.
2. Master project for CE was consisting of around 8 people. Coordination sometimes didn't not function properly between the members. So it would have been better with small projects for small groups(2 or 3).

Thank you and Best Regards

Die beste Uni für Automotive

Automotive Systems


War ein erfolgreich Studium. Habe ich viele bzgl der aktuellen Industrie Technologie studiert. Die Labore waren auch super. Es gefällt mir sehr gut, dass wir Modelle Entwicklung mit matlab gelernt haben. Das Studium hilft mir auch eine Master Arbeit zu finden und nachher ein Job bei einem großen Unternehmen.

The perfect introduction to the automotive world

Automotive Systems


This master program offers all the knowledge and contacts that an engineer needs to have to start working in the automotive industry. I truly believe that I saved about 3-4 years of wondering about this industry and its technologies.
The classes are practical and up to date; the state of the art is standard knowledge for the professors and docents.
The only wish that I'd have in retrospective is a Technical vocabulary in German about the topics that are being taught. This would make German speaking at work way easier.

Sehr guter Industrieorientierte Studiengang

Automotive Systems


Passt perfekt wenn Sie in der Automobil Industrie arbeiten wollten. Vor allem im Bereich Software Entwicklung und Testen (V - Cycle)
Fahrzeug Regelung Systeme und Testen ist optimal für Fahrdynamik-Studierende.
Für Forschung oder Promotion nach der Studium es ist besser eine Uni oder TH zu wählen.

Hervorragende Qualität

Automotive Systems


Ich habe an dem Studiengang Automotive Systems mit Schwerpunkt "Vehicle Dynamics" von 2012 bis 2014 teilgenommen. Sehr aufschlussreiche Information über die Steuerungsmechanisme und Funktion des Fahrzeugs bekommen. Die Fächer und die Dozenten sind hervorragend sowie die gemachten Projekte. Zwei Standorte und den Wechsel dazwischen manchmal unangenehm. Im Großen und Ganzen bestimmt empfehlenswert.

International Course in English

Automotive Systems


The course is well structured for an industrial exposure. The international environment makes the course more interesting. The professors are from well renounwed companies like Bosch, Daimler, MAHLE and so on. Which makes the lectures and course well suited for an FH.

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