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Das Studium "Modern Indian Studies" an der staatlichen "Uni Göttingen" hat eine Regelstudienzeit von 4 Semestern und endet mit dem Abschluss "Master of Arts". Der Standort des Studiums ist Göttingen. Das Studium wird als Vollzeitstudium angeboten. Insgesamt wurde das Studium bisher 10 Mal bewertet. Dabei hat es im Durchschnitt 4.5 Sterne erhalten und liegt somit über dem Bewertungsdurchschnitt der Universität (3.9 Sterne, 1401 Bewertungen im Rating). Besonders gut wurden die Kategorien Organisation, Dozenten und Bibliothek bewertet.


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Master of Arts
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Tony , 01.04.2019 - Modern Indian Studies
Aadarsh , 03.03.2019 - Modern Indian Studies
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Allgemeines zum Studiengang

Im Asienwissenschaften Studium befasst Du Dich mit der Kultur und der Sprache Asiens. In der Regel spezialisierst Du Dich dabei auf eine bestimmte Region. Mögliche spezialisierte Studiengänge im Bereich der Asienwissenschaften sind die Sinologie, Japanologie und Koreanistik. Auch für den südasiatischen Raum gibt es spezielle Studiengänge, zum Beispiel die Indologie. Teilweise gibt es aber auch Studiengänge, in denen Du Dich mit der gesamten Asienwissenschaft beschäftigst.

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Moderne Indienstudien
Bachelor of Arts
Uni Göttingen
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Bachelor of Arts
Uni Bonn
Bachelor of Arts
Uni Hamburg
Moderne Indienstudien
Bachelor of Arts
Uni Göttingen
Bachelor of Arts
Uni Hamburg

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Young and Vibrant Place to Study India !

Modern Indian Studies


Set in the middle of Germany, CEMIS is one of the best European faculty to study the India of today. While it is indeed quite young, it does not stand behind Heidelberg or other older Institutions with a similar focus.

Aside from being a well-funded and young program, the university has made good decisions regarding their teaching positions. And during the last few years, the CEMIS has tried their best to develop their program, with a lot of growth potentials.

Goettingen itself is a beautiful German township entirely dedicated to its university and students. It has a beautiful environment and a rich history while attracting many young students so it still has a trendy vibe.

I would recommend the CEMIS and Modern Indian Studies without a doubt.

Discovering South Asia in a new way

Modern Indian Studies


The courses included in the programme, along with the seminars, talks and workshops at CeMIS have enabled me to explore myriad aspects of India and South Asia in general. I am now able to think about the social, political, cultural and economic dimensions of South Asia in a new light. The professors and lecturers come from varied backgrounds and are specialists in History, Anthropology, Religion, Sociology, Economics, Political Science among other social sciences and they bring their expertise a...Erfahrungsbericht weiterlesen

An excellent Centre to study Modern India

Modern Indian Studies


The first semester of my MA in Modern Indian studies at CeMIS has been very rewarding. The interdisciplinary curriculum helps one delve into the complexities of Indian society from different disciplinary perspectives. At CeMIS, we engage with a range of courses taught by several renowned anthropologists, political scientists and economists, thus increasing our appreciation for how these disciplines complement one another. The programme allows students to select from a wide variety of electives and carry out their own research according to their areas of interest.

Gottingen is a university town, and one of the best places for a student to live. The living costs are relatively low, and everything is student-friendly. The university libraries have a great collection of academic and non-academic works. Overall, CeMIS in Gottingen is an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in studying contemporary India in its breadth and depth.

This program

Modern Indian Studies


This program provides very in-depth and interesting courses. The professors and lecturers come from various backgrounds and are very passionate in their field. The weekly colloquiums showcase very pioneering research from all around the world. I also exchanged through the program at an Indian university and learned a lot at the partnering institution. The occasional field trips to India and summer school conferences are also eye-opening. In terms of language education, I learned Urdu here through a visiting lecturer. One suggestion: The library should have more resources in terms of the Modern Indian Studies field for further research.

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