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Best Business School

Strategic Business Management


GISMA has recently revolutionized its education system all around the World, getting up-to-date with the newest and most innovative teaching methods and techniques, hiring well-known professors from all around the world to teach their field of expertise.

MSc. ISE at Grenoble Ecole de Managment

Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship


Are you a natural leader ? do you always take the initiative? And do you want to be an Entrepreneur? Than this is your study!

You will work in a innovative fast moving culture where changes to start a own business are left and rigth, all you need is a open mind set and willingness to work hard.

Perfect mix between theory and practice

Marketing Management


This course has found a perfect spot between intensive classes and real-learning and practice experience. It is designed to make you apply all the concepts that you learn right after they're taught by the teacher. Having assignments related to theory allows for a better comprehension of the course and better use of the information during your job. This is a much better approach than just learning, because not only it...Erfahrungsbericht weiterlesen

I expected more

Strategic Business Management


I have had an average first half of my program because I didn't get exactly what I was hoping for. There is no proper co-ordination between GISMA and ULaw. This is not good because we the students seem to feel the effect more. The program staff need to closer to the student. I understand the job can be very stressful but it will be good to know that the students...Erfahrungsbericht weiterlesen

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